Digital Photo Heirloom Design...

Connect your digital world back to your heart

Get your digital snapshots off your computer and into the hands of those you love!  Does this sound like you or a friend of yours?

  • your last printed photo came off a roll of film…
  • don't know how to get photos off digital devices...
  • overwhelmed with photos and don’t know where to start…
  • want something more exciting than 4x6 prints stuck in an album…
  • stressed and stuck about what to do with shoe boxes of old prints…
  • pulling your hair out about how to share Great Aunt Sally’s antique photo album with all the relatives that want one original (and preserve peace)…
  • don’t want to mess anything up…
  • don't know how and don't want to learn...
  • don't think you are creative enough...
  • too busy to do it yourself
  • looking for new, unique ideas to do it yourself…
Connect your digital world back to your heart. My specialty is working with people who treasure life’s meaningful moments but struggle getting their digital photos off their electronic devices. See tangible reminders of special times every day and record your unique life for future generations. Preserve antique photos and share with multiple family members. I invite you to have a complimentary conversation to see if what you are looking for is a match with what I do.

My goal is to take the worry and stress out of the process.  I will take your digital photos and design your perfect treasured heirloom to enjoy forever.  As a plus, digital photo gifts are great for disaster and storm preparedness (computer or phone dies, fire, flood, hurricane).  You can print as many copies as you need in case of loss or damage.

Here are just a few of the heirlooms you can have made:

  • Coffee Table Snapshot Photo Books
  • Milestone Birthday Memory Books
  • Wall Canvas Photo Art 
  • Pop Art Wall Canvas
  • Pop Art Throw Pillows
  • Unique Ornaments 
  • Size Photos to correctly fit Collage Frames
  • Digital Photo Editing and Cropping
  • Scanning (old photos, memorabilia and keepsakes like ticket stubs, brochures, cards, letters, newspaper articles, etc)
  • Many more...
Elegant and Affordable Book Design.  Books make great gifts for the person that has everything.  It is easy to order as many copies as you need.  We can also scan non-digital items to add to the book.
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Babies
  • Children
  • Travel
  • Family Reunions
  • Family History or Genealogy
  • Milestone Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Sports
  • Portfolio
  • Poetry
  • Artwork
  • Cookbooks

Easy, Stress-free, Affordable Process

I have been there, done that but now have some fabulous digital photo gifts for clients and myself to share. The good news is that through my experience (and trial and error), I have created systems to streamline the process and make it fun and easy!  Photo memories are priceless heirlooms.  I hate to think that in the future most people will have no printed family photos in existence.

1. Connect your digital world back to your heart.  It all starts with one idea. Which memory do you want to start with? What is your photo gift vision? I will step you through the details to help make your dreams a reality.

2: I will interview you to thoroughly understand your story and your desired level of detail.

3: Through dialogue and intuition, I will clarify the feel or emotion you want your finished project to share.

4: Homework - you will gather the photos and memorabilia you want included. I can assist with technical details if needed. Together we will determine page count and captions.

5: After looking at the gathered photos and memorabilia, we can decide if your project would benefit from any specialty services.

6: Now I will start the design of your special memory project. You will review and edit the proof and I will revise as needed. After final approval, I will place order for your project. Now must wait for production and shipping.

7: Surprise gift reveal! Connect your digital world back to your heart. See your dream realized. Wow your gift recipient with a personalized photo gift made just for them.

I have developed uncomplicated ways to transfer your information to us.  I want this to be an easy, stress-free and surprisingly affordable process.  Each project is unique and individual.  No project is too big or too small.  I look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations with a level of creativity and service designed specifically for you.

How do you want to travel the path connecting your digital world to your heart with me?  I have many options available.  Click link for my program guide.



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3 piece Wall Canvas                                          3 Pop Art Wall Canvas

Baby's 1st Year Collage                                             Large Wall Collage
We can help make sure your photos are the correct size to fit in the collage frames you have.


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